People wear watches to match their outfits or show them as fashion items. However, storing the watches at home is essential to maintain their texture and originality. It protects the watch from damage and stays intact, just like the original one. Do not leave watches in open spaces because it is a popular theft item. Read about the options by watch retailers singapore to store watches safely at home.

Keep the watch in a box.

Watches stay good if you store them inside a box similar to jewelry. However, there are different boxes for various watches as the size differs. The compartments consist of fabric material or cotton cloth, which prevents any scratch or accumulation of dirt particles. You can see the watch from the top if kept in transparent boxes. These beautiful boxes add to your collection, which makes you feel good about the valuables by watch retailers Singapore.

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Keep the watches open on trays.

You can keep the watches open on different trays inside the drawers. Line up the tray side with silk materials to protect the watches from any friction.

Final thoughts

Briefly, keep your watches inside boxes or dresser trays to prevent accidents or scratches. Put some foam on the trays to protect the band and adjust it to the wrist sizes. All these compartments and insulation materials keep your watch original and intact. Before purchasing any watch, keep in mind their daily maintenance routine.